Coordination of Action Research on AIDs and Mobility

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CARAM Asia Task Forces

CARAM Asia’s regional programmes are prioritised in line with four key thematic areas:

Each programme area is managed and implemented through a task force, structured in the following way:


There is a Convener, who is elected from and by the members of the task force for a term of two years. The convener is the leader of the task force. This person helps to initiate and guide activities in tandem with the program officer, and represents the task force and CARAM in various fora.


There is the membership, which is self-selected from among the broader CARAM membership, currently with a limit of being a member of only two task forces at a time. Members are encouraged to already have a programmatic focus in the task forces they choose so that they may contribute meaningfully to the task force’s activities. Members pursue their own programming and activities at the national level, and may participate or contribute in CARAM activities as possible, such as in regional research or at conferences.

Programme Officer

There is a Programme Officer for each task force housed in the secretariat responsible for overseeing the functioning of that task force. This person is responsible for coordination among members, overseeing program management and handling finances. The Regional Coordinator oversees the program officer’s daily functioning, while the convener provides guidance on programmatic related activities.